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Tropical Nights was inspired by my visits to the Caribbean Islands and created using my own original and public domain clip art.  These images are copyrighted but free for PERSONAL use with certain conditions.  Please read THE RULES before taking any image. 


For rates and information on using my images on commercial pages, click here. (Note: You are considered commercial if you are selling anything, using it to promote your business, charging someone else to do a web page for them, etc.) 

Please note, my signature graphics (the ones used on this page) are not for use or sale.

What's New 

You can click on the links below to go directly to new sets.
Each will open in a separate window.  To see other new images, go to the menu selection indicated.
Nov 2007 Rainforest Expressions - Brightly colored toucans an a green backgound.
Feb 2007 Mayan Expressions - SOLD - Mayan images on a sun-gold background.
Nov 2006 Sparkling Palms - Bright Christmas lights sparkle in dark silhouetted palm trees.
Oct 2006 You Can Squeeze My Mangoes - The pink hibiscus in this set evoke gentle tropical memories.
June 2006 Island Impressions - The pink hibiscus in this set evoke gentle tropical memories.
Mar 2006 Tropical Nights #5 - My former menuset now available.
Feb 2006 Orchid Fantasy - Tropical orchids on a green background.

Special Acknowledgments 

This site is dedicated to: 

My mother, Bea, who shaped the person I've become.  My mother-in-law, Sara, and my father-in-law Charles, who accepted me into their family with love.  My stepfather, Clarence, who taught me kindness and compassion and who was always there with a smile and a joke.  And finally, my grandmother, Charlotte Delong Nebel, who taught me by example, just exactly how strong a woman can be.

May they rest in eternal paradise.
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