Remodeling Phase II
Building our Backyard Paradise

The Nightmare begins . . .


Here's the story in pictures
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This is where we began

The inside is done, we can no longer hide.
It's time to get started on the mess outside.
We came up with a plan that seemed totally cool-
A workroom for Dan and my Tropical Pool.

April 2003
Our new view from the family room.

May 2003
Almost ready for prime time.

That's where we are - here's the journey.

Dec 2002
Tore out the window and door and put in an 8' sliding glass door to open up the view from the family room.

The big equipment 
comes in to dig the pool.

It's a perfectly lovely hole.
Too bad it's in the wrong pace.
It's about 2' too close to the new room.

They had to re-frame it to the correct location.

Finally, it all gets framed. . .

. . . and shot with concrete.

The new room is framed and treated for termites.

As soon as the inspection passed, the slab was poured.

They start blocking the room.

And finish it the next day

Deiter and Holly check out the new room.

Meanwhile, the pool guys start the waterline tile.

Just because it's not finished
doesn't mean Deiter and I
can't enjoy the pool.

The scissor trusses are up.

Working on the roof.

The deck is finally poured 
and stress-cracks are carved.

Strips are put on the walls for the hardi-board.
Sliding glass door is put in 'Dan's Room'.

The Octagon window is in
and the Handi-board panneling is almost finished.

April 2003
The final carving and deck staining is done, 
as well as the rock edge along the beach entrance.

April 2003
Another Deck view and putting up the screen room.

April 2003
Putting up the screen room - 
view from the patio.

April 2003
Putting up the screen room - 
view from the back.

May 2003
Filling the Pool.

May 2003
Can we swim yet?

May 2003
Beautiful - except the finish is the wrong color.
We'll get to swim a while, then it has to be drained and resurfaced.

May 2003
Palm Trees and Ginger are planted to give it a tropical feel.
Stay tuned for more . . .

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